Choose curtains: which type and which fabrics

In harmony or deliberately in dissonant counterpoint with the whole, the curtains fulfill their primary function of regulating the natural brightness of an environment and protecting them from prying eyes , but they are distinguished above all by their aesthetic presence.

Transparency and isolation (even from external noise) can be managed by choosing suitable fabrics or overlapping several sheets of different weights ; as well as the decorative effects, obtained by combining more or less material and colored textures. However, it should be remembered that dark curtains generally make the environment smaller, while light curtains give airiness and lightness to architectural volumes.

Many models and fabrics available on the market, as well as the coupling and handling systems: packet , roller, track sliding panels , stick …

It is good to remember, however, that each type of tent follows precise rules , so that the result does not appear incongruous.
For example, as regards the installation, the fixing of the sliding rails must be provided exclusively on the ceiling, and the sliding stick at about ten centimeters from above.

The size of the curtains, then, must be proportionate to the rear window frame : no to too narrow or too wide curtains compared to the glass surfaces (so as not to diminish them or completely cancel them).

Also the length must be calibrated with the rest: if the structure and the furnishings have a contemporary and minimalist style, it is better to opt for geometric panels that simply touch the floor , while if the mood is romantic , go ahead for fabrics that fall softly to the ground , with spectacular aftermath.

Do not overlook the hypothesis of completely avoiding the laying of curtains , of any type: for example, when you are lucky enough to have a beautiful window to look at, maybe even vintage, graceful in proportions or materials worked; or when you want to emphasize an original style of the house, for example industrial-metropolitan or extremely minimalist; when the landscape is breathtaking or no one can peek into domestic intimacy or when you simply find yourself in front of a beautiful window with several doors, preferably French windows.

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