Dream beach houses

Those who are fascinated by the lifestyle that living just a few steps from the beach entails, but those who would like it only as an occasional refuge from the stress of everyday life, one thing is common to all: the search for a small corner of “private paradise” , from enjoy with your loved ones.

There are no fundamental characteristics that a beach house must have, if not the location. They range from wooden cottages on the beach to truly modern villas with all the luxuries and comforts, without ever forgetting that we are in a unique and evocative environment – the marine environment – which cannot but leave its unmistakable mark.

The maritime and coastal furnishing styles find their best representation in these houses, and it could not be otherwise.
The recurring features? The use of light and bright colors , the predilection for the most natural processes and materials , a certain essentiality of lines and design, combined with frequent references to the marine and marine world . And then the thousand shades of the sea, from bright aquamarine blues to the most intense and dark blues , to create a perfect match between inside and outside, almost as if there were no longer a real separation. For living spaces to 360 degrees.

Here, in the gallery , a few perfect images to make up your eyes and, why not, dream.

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