Dress the house in green!

The green is definitely not among the shades more choices to decorate the house , and yet it is capable of creating significant contrasts and strong personality and knows instantly infuse a room that ‘ atmosphere of peace and exquisite lightness that only nature is able to make to breathe.
As with all colors, the first step to use it without fail is to choose the ideal shade of green for your apartment . Finding the right balance between neutral tones and splashes of color , skillfully mixing the furnishings and accessories , will be the next.
If you too love the green and the atmosphere that knows how to create, let yourself be inspired by our gallery !

The shades of green
The personal tastes in terms of color are not discussed, but it often happens to make mistakes.
When you choose a color to dress your home, remember that the fundamental step will consist in identifying the perfect shade.
If the chosen color is green you can range from the lighter shades, such as lime or pistachio , up to the darker ones, such as moss or bottle , obviously passing through greenery , a particular nuance of sparkling green that has conquered the heart of many becoming Pantone of the year 2017.
The lighter and yellowish shades are undoubtedly the brightest and are perfect for the most contemporary and modern pied-à-terre . Pastel nuances, such as milk and mint for example, can also be used on important walls and go very well with vintage atmospheres and shabby chic style environments . For a cooler and more charming effect, choose darker shades mixed in contrast with chalk white, a combination of timeless charm!

Green on the walls
One of the basic rules when repainting an environment consists in opting for light and neutral shades, reserving small spaces or defined portions of walls , such as niches or particular corners , for the color . If you intend to use a green on the walls of your home remember to dose it without excesses. Identify a small space to be enhanced and make the wall a real piece of furniture , playing with the chosen green . To give strength to the whole you can opt for a particular painting technique , perhaps giving the chosen wall an “aged” or lacquered effect.

Finally, an alternative with a great personality is undoubtedly represented by the wallpaper , perhaps with a jungle pattern . Choosing one to dress a wall or a small portion of it can really give a lot of character to an environment !

Color stains
Is your intention to dress your apartment in green without too invasive and risky interventions? Play on neutral tones, from chalk white to the mole and use the “spotted” green .
Get wild with small furnishing accessories and textiles. Some pillow , a blanket, a panel hanging on the wall, a set of vases … sometimes it takes little to create the desired effect!
If, on the other hand, you have some pieces of furniture to modernize, you can always think of doing it by playing on the color .
The old green velvet-covered sofabottle for example it will immediately gain in charm, the grandmother’s chest of drawers that looks a little too old can find a new life if repainted in the shade of sage …
Finally the plants remain a wonderful resource to dress a green environment , giving freshness and balance to a space . Create lush and generous corners in which to find the right relaxation at home , you won’t regret it!

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