How to rejuvenate a home in a few simple steps

There are good habits that it is good to practice with some regularity at home . One of these undoubtedly consists in periodically renewing the look , exactly as we do with our wardrobe!
Don’t worry if you can’t change everything as you would like, sometimes just a few steps are needed to beautify the home and give a fresher visual impact to the whole.

The revolution can start from small things or from very simple interventions. Such as? Moving, replacing, renewing and inserting some news.

Buy some complement of furniture peculiar to place ad hoc, customize furniturethat you don’t like anymore, eliminating the superfluous to make room for news : here are the winning moves that will make the difference!

Focus on what is there
The first step to take when you want to bring a breath of novelty in the house is to focus on what you need. Don’t start running around shops looking for furniture and accessories without having studied the environment well , you would risk spending useless and absolutely not very targeted money .

So look around! What can be saved? What could be simply relocated? And what should be removed instead without any mercy? Take a good look at your apartment : eliminate the superfluous and bad quality objects and put aside everything that can be improved.

Give a new life to the objects of the heart or tofurniture that still has value can be easier than it seems. Such as? Shuffle the cards!
Give a new function to some accessories , replace furniture, insert small surprise elements and, above all, dare! Obviously it will be necessary to make some attempts, but in the end it will have been worth it.

In fact, sometimes a good vision of the whole and a pinch of creativity are enough to bring a breath of completely unexpected novelty .

The style requires some sacrifice! As already mentioned, periodically eliminating the superfluous and bad quality objects is absolutely necessary.
Style often requires some small sacrifices: sometimes getting rid of objects is really hard, we know, but the environment will gain in brightness and precious meters.

The first real good purchase to aim for is space . A house in which one moves without difficulty and without excessive encumbrances returns a whole new visual comfort and gains in volume, appears accordingly larger and more livable. You will also have more room for news , don’t you think?

Recover with taste
Have you observed, eliminated and relocated? Well, you’re ready for creative recovery ! What does it mean? Watch the furniture you don’t like anymore and unleash your imagination. Any examples? He overlaid the old chair of colored velvet Grandma, do you dye that old carpet a bit ‘faded with a color dark slate uses painting to make it more modern and anonymous nice that closet that sad stop in the hallway and you paint the cabinet vintage of an unexpected hue. With the DIY recover furnituredated or with little character is really possible. Turn on creativity, armed with all the good taste you have and make your home a completely new place, but above all … truly unique!

Don’t underestimate the importance of walls
The walls have the power to give a whole new visual impact.
From time to time it is sufficient to repaint the house and choose particular colors or techniques for certain corners, able to give strength and personality to some details.

Even the paintings and panels can help in the intent. Eliminate canvases that are not very consistent with the whole and dress the walls of quality paintings, alternating beautiful photos and creative prints .
So ready with hooks and a hammer? Unleash your creativity and … watch your fingers!

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