Matching doors and handles: how to choose the right styles and colors

In all cases, to harmonize the interiors it is important to choose the same doors and handles for all the rooms , with the only exception of the entrance door which, having to meet safety requirements, can do for itself, while respecting colors and finishes. On the other hand, it is possible to combine doors with solid doors and glass versions of the same model if the need is to illuminate unclear corridors: the frosted glass filters the light ensuring privacy. For greater uniformity it is also good to coordinate the finish of the door handles and those of the windows .

If you like wooden doors, which have the advantage of making the interior warm and welcoming, focused on handles with a gold, bronze or chrome finish to match dark woods, instead prefer polished or matt steel, if the doors are in light wood. A white doors with smooth doors, decidedly contemporary, coupled with geometrical handles in polished or satin steel finish to emphasize an essential style. Choose the same finish if the idea is to give a touch of modernity to doors that are always white but with rusticated doors, turn to gold or burnished bronze to confirm a classic look.

If there are colored doors at home , instead, it is important that there is a dominant and recurring color able to give harmony to the different pieces of furniture, including handles. A yellow door , for example, perfectly matches a semi-transparent acrylic handle with a simple chromatic appeal. There are also models of this type that light up, with an integrated LED light . They are useful at night (but also in the event of a blackout) and in some versions they can be adjusted to more light intensity by covering a spectrum of more colors.

When the doors have glass doors framed in wood, even in typically english style white lacquer , it is better to choose not very evident handles: the squared line models are fine to obtain a “composite” effect, or with rounded profiles to soften the impact. For rustic or shabby chic environments, the handles with the white ceramic handle are a valid alternative: they have a romantic, old-style touch.

If you are attracted by the rigor and essentiality of Japanese style , you might like doors with light panel doors and frames with contrasting strips: in this case, the right choice is superminimal handles, in steel finish, or black.

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