Wallpaper for the wall behind the sofa

Wallpaper for the wall behind the sofa
13 lines of wallpaper able to embellish the look of the living room.

Wallpaper behind sofa Moments home crazypaper
To renew the living room, an idea that is more contemporary than ever is to provide a wallpaper on the wall behind the sofa . Solution that completely resolves any doubts about paintings or shelves to hang on the wall above the upholstery. By choosing the right colors and design, you can give the entire room a unique and original look and create a refined atmosphere.

With more or less scenographic decoration, a colored upholstery, with very evident designs or even three-dimensional effects, is perfect to revive a minimal decoration, in neutral colors . While a sober-looking one can be more easily inserted into a room where visually striking elements are already present.

To enhance the conversation area , why not give up hanging a laconic picture or a set of canvases put together without any criterion, and fill the void on the wall with elegant and refined paper?

Wall-mounted backboard paper-Wall-art-wood effect
The wall paper BB home passion 5- Effect wood of Wall Art is a delicate and adaptable wallpaper in any environment. The wallpaper is sold for rolls of 10.5 mx 0.53 m. The price is 25.9 euros. www.wall-art.it

The Intrigue wallpaper by Casadecò is part of the fireproof collection of solid color papers. Proposed in a wide range of colors, it manages to reproduce the atmosphere and appearance of linen. The price is 76.62 per square meter.

The Geometric wallpaper by Adriani & Rossi Edizioni is part of the Colors collection. It is possible to print all the graphics on 6 supports with different characteristics and to re-adapt any image based on the measurements provided by the customer. The price for the wallpaper printed on standard TNT support is 80 euros per square meter.

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