Double bed: how to choose it and the most beautiful models

Do you want to buy a double bed but don’t know where to start? In this quick guide, we will explain in a simple way the formats and criteria to be evaluated before the purchase, which now happens more and more in the major online stores, at competitive prices and (often) with the possibility of free delivery.

You must first know that the standard sizes on the market are generally: 160×190 cm or 160×200 cm. Smaller than the standard version it is ” the French” , which is larger than the bed in a square and a half, but appears smaller than the classic double or 140×200 cm. If you want to focus on comfort, choose a King Size model , 200×200.

Obviously, before making the purchase it is important to adequately assess the family needs and keep in mind the square footage of the room : in fact the ideal would be to have at least a meter between the bed and the wall . That is why, if you have problems with space, you should focus on the French marriage model or on Futon and Tatami .

Mattress and pillows are an important point. The choice is personal, for this reason back problems , sleeping habits and cervical pain must be assessed . Resting well is a deep need and in the long run improves the state of health, that’s why focusing on quality is a long-term investment on the future.

The latex mattresses provide support and are particularly useful for those who have allergy problems, because they are made of breathable materials. The spring mattresses , which have good ventilation, help those who live in a very hot climate. Watch out for the pillow , which should be chosen based on your position during sleep.

And now here are the solutions that could do for you: the right mix of style, design, comfort, practicality and romance.

You could go crazy for this double bed, modern and with minimal design, with an elegant and refined structure : it is black covered in eco-leather with a 160x200cm mattress (but you can also opt for the 120x190cm version and the net is included in the purchase) .

The wooden structure covered in eco-leather is of high quality and also the slats are made of sturdy wood able to support any weight. Do you want to know the measures ? The total width is 134cm, while the length corresponds to 208cm, the height of the headboard reaches 69cm, while that of the piedera is 29cm. And the value for money is really inviting . Discover the product for sale online

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