White exposed bricks. Style finishes

The finishes of a home always make the difference, furnishing not even the most important design pieces !

Among the key elements of a room , there is no doubt, they are there: the walls. Colors and coverings can become real protagonists of the atmosphere of your apartment , as well as unparalleled style accessories.
But what happens if you don’t want to use color ? The different variations of white have always been the first choice of many interior design enthusiasts , giving up brightness and charmwho know how to give perfectly white walls !

The alternative in these cases consists in playing with materials , textures, decorative elements … Yeah, but how?
A rather fashionable technique, of great charm and character, is undoubtedly that of freeing a wall – or a portion of it – from plaster and plaster, to bring the bricks to light and paint them white .
Do you like the idea? Browse our gallery and get inspired!

A clever choice
Painting a wall in brick in sight of white is not just a style choice for those who love the brightness and the refined simplicity of the walls candid, it is often too clever idea!
In fact it often happens that we decide to bring to light the bricks of a wall to give character to a room, but that these prove too damaged to be left “natural”. This is why painting them in white becomes a perfect and very chic solution !

First rule: banning excesses!
A white wall with exposed bricks is in itself a strong decorative element, capable of furnishing and giving character. As always, therefore, the first rule consists in being moderate, using common sense and above all … good taste!
Excesses in fact are never a good idea, especially when it comes to finishing a home .
That is why, unless you own a very particular period cottage, a single wall will be more than enough to reach the goal.
Therefore choose carefully the angle to be exploited, because remember: your wall in brick white viewit will be a real accent on a piece of furniture or on an area of ​​your apartment !

One wall, so many styles
There is no single way to treat an exposed brick wall when you want to dress it in white .
The first step is therefore certainly to understand which character you want to give to the environment , to then identify the most suitable technique .
Glazed, with a rough and irregular finish or simply painted with a beautiful chalk white , the bricks will take on a new life and give your home the style you’ve always wanted!

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